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  • 6 Tips to Consider When Decorating Your Living Room

    Living Room Decor At Sherwood Studios, our world revolves around furniture and interior design. We love everything about taking a blank slate (or even just a new space) and transforming it into the perfect space for its owners.

    And while we’d love to personally help everyone, we know that’s not feasible. That’s why we’re going to share some of our favorite tips for decorating one of our favorite rooms: the living room.

    With each person’s living room being unique to their own personal style and preferences, we’re going to keep our tips easy to implement and applicable to various tastes and styles.

    1. Choose the largest furniture first

     When decorating your living room, pick out the largest furniture first. This will usually be a couch or loveseat depending on the size of the room.

    1. Accent neutrals with a bold color, print or pattern

     If you prefer neutral colors, accent them with a bold color, print or pattern. You can do this with a pillow, picture or any other accessory.

    1. For small areas, use a mirror to open up the space

     One great trick for opening up a space and making it brighter is to add a mirror to the wall. This gives the illusion of a bigger space, making your living room more inviting despite the size.

    1. Add more dimension with a patterned rug

     Patterned rugs are a great way to add some personality to a living room. They’ll give your space dimension and spunk!

    1. Add a pop of color to your walls

     To make a real impact in your living room, put some color on your walls. Whether you choose a bright pop of color or use a darker shade, you’ll have endless decorating options with colored walls.

    1. Choose one statement piece for the room

     A great statement piece can change the whole look of a room. Whether it’s a piece for your wall or a unique piece of furniture, choose a statement piece that says something about who you are and what you’re all about.  

    Need some guidance with decorating your living room? Give us a call at 248-855-160 or send an email to for more information about our interior designing services.

  • Can a Professional Interior Designer Actually Save You Money?

    Interior DesignersEverything comes with a cost, and it’s always smart to find ways to save money while working on your home. But when considering interior design work, many people fail to see that, much like other home improvement projects, it can be a smart long-term investment. Instead of thinking of home design as a place to pinch pennies, many savvy homeowners are seeing it as a way to save in the long run.

    One of the most important jobs of a professional interior designer is to put an effective plan into place. Instead of haphazardly tackling projects in a nonsensical order, interior designers strive for efficiency. This helps avoid costly mistakes, like remodeling an area only to realize that it needs to be torn up again for a new addition. A good plan will account for every detail of each room and tackle jobs in an orderly, straightforward fashion. It can really pay off to be decisive about what you want and take care of it the right way.

    You don’t always need to decide on plan that spares no expense either. While many homeowners envision a professionally designed room as one that’s just filled with the most expensive furnishing and appliances, this doesn’t have to be the case. It’s an interior designer’s job to figure out what works for the homeowner. After all, if they didn’t know how to work within a budget, they’d be out of a job pretty quickly.

    We know you don’t need to plate your entire home with gold for it to increase in value. Still, no matter what you’re able to afford, a well designed home is bound to be worth more than a poorly designed one. If you design your home to blow you away, it should do the same for others when it comes time to sell, especially if you find yourself in a competitive market. It’s always smart to think long term.

    Finally, consider the time you can save by delegating responsibility to an expert. Put the design of your home in the hands of the right person and see how much more rewarding and relaxing the decorating process can be. Interior design work is a valuable service that, if done right, can really pay off in the end.


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