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  • Vintage is Victorious in Interior Design

    Many of us cringe at the trends that used to dominant the interior design industry. From bold wallpaper borders to a frenzy of ferns, some home décor trends will likely not return. However, some vintage home décor styles have made a compelling comeback.

    Gorgeous Glass
    Most people associate stained glass with churches but it was the focal point of front doors and windows for decades. It did phase out for a period of time but it is back and bolder than ever. Although many modern homes use double-paned glass and energy-efficient windows, those windows do not provide quite the same view as stained glass ones do. Stained glass is starting to make its way into contemporary spaces through windows, furniture, and accessories. Although it can be rather costly, you can even customize stained glass to fit the style of your home.

    Whacky Wallpapers
    43837843 - close-up of patterned wallpaper in retro interiorWhen people buy older homes, one of the first things they do is rip down wallpaper. Before you start tearing down your outdated wallpaper, seriously consider if it could work in the space. Patterned wallpaper is trending in interior design and it is working. Patterned wallpaper with a bold accent wall can pair well together and serve as a bold statement piece. Choose simple décor and furniture to compliment busy wallpaper. Many floral printed wallpaper patterns are back in style. Pair these with white and gold accents to add a soft, vintage touch to a bathroom for instance.

    Colorful Kitchens
    Looking back at home décor in the 1950’s could be blinding, the colors were beyond intense and they were everywhere. From blue bathtubs to red sofas, color found its way into every room and every piece in the home. Colorful kitchens have recently found their way back modern interior design. Many people are choosing to go with bold colored cabinets or white and black checkerboard floors.  Although white kitchens will always be a staple in interior design, don’t be afraid to add a splash of color to yours.

    These are just three examples of vintage styles that are, yet again, trendy. If you want to incorporate some of these trends into your home but you fear that it will look outdated instead of up to date, contact Sherwood Studios to help you incorporate vintage trends into your current home.

  • Creating a Multi-Purpose Space in Your Home

    Whether your company has moved towards telecommuting (at least part-time) or your children are in need of a space for arts, crafts and algebra homework, you may be looking to add a multi-purpose space to your home. Oftentimes spare bedrooms and laundry rooms are the areas of the house considered for this transformation, as they aren’t in use on a constant basis like your kitchen and living room are.

    There is so much potential when it comes to developing a multi-purpose space, but designing this area can be tough. Luckily, Sherwood Studios has some tips that will help you make the most of this busy new space in your home.

    Consider Compatibility

    When combining a few different areas of a home into one room, it is important to consider their compatibility. For example, adding a desk and office supplies to your spare bedroom is typically a successful combination, because it is unlikely that you will have guests stayin

    g at your home on a workday. Similarly, adding a workspace to your laundry room where your children can create school projects is a good option, as it will provide them with both a quiet space where they can focus

    and the cleaning supplies they will inevitably need right on hand.

    Increase Storage Space

    Storage is important in every room of the home, even more so in a room that has multiple purposes. It is all too common for multi-purpose rooms to become catch-all spaces for random object. To prevent this from happening, we recommend choosing shelving and furniture pieces that maximize storage. This way, you will be able to keep your multi-purpose room organized and clutter free.

    Now that you are ready to get to work designing your multi-purpose room all that is left to do is find the   right furniture to suit your needs. From tables and chairs to home offices accessories, Sherwood Studios offers a wide array of quality home furnishing options for homeowners in the West Bloomfield, Michigan area. We also offer interior design services, perfect for assisting you to develop a multi-purpose work that is both functional and stylish. For more information and to schedule an appointment with a member of our interior design team, please give us a call at 248-855-1600.

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