3 Tips for Furnishing Your Studio Apartment

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As we go through life, we must learn to make the most of the cards we are dealt. Sometimes, life gives you a studio apartment.

When you furnish and decorate a studio apartment, even your small choices make a big impact. Making such a limited space your own can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. With some careful planning and the tips from our design experts below, you can maximize every inch of your small-scale space to make it feel like home!

1) Don’t approach it as one big room.

Too many people make the mistake of looking at their studio apartment as a singular space to furnish and decorate, when really this just limits how you can use it. Instead, create smaller, distinctive spaces to optimize functionality and make it feel less cramped. Use furniture, rugs, and other pieces to differentiate between areas that serve different purposes. For example, you might section off your bed with bookshelves or a room divider to separate your “bedroom” and “living room” spaces.

2) Minimize clutter.

When the amount of usable space you have to work with is so restricted, there’s no room for clutter. This doesn’t just mean keeping your shoe collection organized and piles of junk mail out of sight (although you should do that too). Overcrowding a studio with furniture, décor, accents, and other accessories can also make it feel small and cluttered. Choose your decorative accents wisely to nail the perfect balance—too few and your space feels sparse, but too many and things start to get claustrophobic. Also remember that multifunctional furniture and hidden storage will be your saving grace.

3) Stick to one cohesive color palette.

Using a consistent color palette throughout all of the distinctive spaces you create in your studio will help the design of your apartment flow and create a sense of openness. Neutral colors are your best bet to brighten up a small space like this. Incorporate a few bolder accent colors, or even some patterned elements, to add visual interest and personality to your palette.

At Sherwood Studios, we have everything you need to make the most of your studio apartment. Choose from a wide selection of premier furniture and stylish home accents to bring your small space to life. If you need a hand, our interior designers will be happy to step in with their expertise and come up with a plan to transform your space.

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