5 Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Bedroom

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There are probably times when you want to change up the look of every room in your house. You might just be a restless person or maybe you follow the newest interior design trends and always want to adopt the latest styles. But it’s not always practical or necessary to redo your entire space. So, how do you know when you’re truly in need of a redesign?

Well, there are a few telltale signs for each room that indicate an upgrade is in order. Let’s go over what to look for in one of the most important rooms in your home—the bedroom!

1) You avoid being in it.

Your bedroom should be a place of rest, relaxation, and comfort. This should be the space you can escape to when you need to get away from the rest of the world and just unwind. If your bedroom is not currently that space for you, then it’s time to think about a redesign.

Do you only go to your room at night when you’re about to go to sleep? Then immediately leave when you wake up? That’s not how it should be! Updating with furniture and décor that you actually like will make your bedroom more fun, cozy, and inviting to you.

2) You’re not getting good sleep.

The primary function of your bedroom is to serve as a space where you can get quality, peaceful sleep. When you’re struggling to get the quality or quantity of sleep that you need, your bedroom is no longer serving its purpose. Trouble sleeping often means it’s time for a new bed or that your bedroom feng shui is off.

Does your back hurt? Or do you always wake up tired? You’re likely in need of a new mattress or bedframe. Invest in a high-quality mattress and frame and upgrade to new comfy bedding. If you’re still having trouble getting a good night’s sleep, start looking at other elements of the room. Factors such as color palette, furniture placement, electronics, and even the wrong décor can all be disruptive to your sleep.

3) Clutter has overtaken it.

A buildup of clutter in your bedroom means you’re running out of functional space. The messier and more disorganized your room is, the less comfortable you’ll feel in it. A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind, which makes it difficult to relax and fall asleep.

If you’re constantly tripping over items or struggling to quickly find what you need in your bedroom, it’s time to update with more practical furniture and storage solutions. Think multifunctional pieces—storage ottoman, bedframe with built-in drawers or cabinets, etc.—that will provide the extra space you need without overcrowding the room with extra furniture.

4) It feels outdated.

When you’ve redesigned or upgraded every other major room in your home and left your bedroom untouched, moving from one of those other spaces to your bedroom can feel like you’re stepping through a time machine. If your bedroom doesn’t fit with the style of the rest of your house, you’re not going to like being in it.

Maybe the design is simply outdated or you never upgraded from your childhood or college bedroom furniture and décor. Whatever it is that makes your bedroom feel obsolete, you need to gut and replace it. Update the space with a new design scheme, furniture pieces, and décor to make it feel more mature and like the you of today—not ten years ago.

5) The lighting is off.

Because this is where you sleep, finding the right balance of light in your bedroom is key. If your room is too bright or too dark, you should consider at least a partial redesign to adjust accordingly. When choosing the right lighting, take your preferences and functionality into account.

Are you the type of person who needs to sleep in the pitch black? Get some blackout curtains or heavy window treatments. Incorporating darker colors throughout the space can also help you relax and get into sleep mode if you’re this kind of sleeper. On the other hand, if your bedroom is too dark, add some ambient lighting and new accents to brighten it up. In addition to bedside lamps and other artificial light sources, light colors, mirrors, lightweight curtains, and other accessories that enhance natural light will be ideal.

If you’re struggling to get started with your West Bloomfield bedroom redesign, the Sherwood Studios team is here to help!

Our bedroom interior design services cover all aspects you could wish for in a bedroom upgrade. From floor plans to new furniture and décor, and even updated flooring and fabrics, we’ll work with you to bring the bedroom of your dreams to life.

Contact us today to get started on your new bedroom!

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