Avoid These Interior Design Mistakes

When you’re designing the interior of your home, it is easy to get carried away. Certain trends might distract you even if they aren’t necessarily your style. It can also be hard toInterior Design navigate stores without someone pressuring you to purchase “the latest” in décor. Our latest blog post is here to point out a few interior design mistakes that many people make so you can avoid them.

Window Shop with a Budget

You may hear some interior designers talk about how it’s important to walk through home goods stores to look for inspiration and that is true. Window shopping can be a great way to figure out what you want and what you don’t want. However, aimlessly walking around stores makes it easy to purchase things “here and there” that will eventually add up to a major cost. We recommend sticking to a budget and keeping track of it. If you know you’re someone that makes impulse purchases, avoid walking through stores without a plan or bring a friend along to hold you accountable.

Don’t Forget the Big Picture

It is important to think about each room as a whole, and make sure that the individual pieces and colors you’re using all work together. You should make sure things are different heights and sizes to give the room depth. It’s too easy to get swept up in the little details. If you purchase multiple small items, you’re going to end up with cluttered room instead and many people make this mistake. Before shopping, draw out a diagram of the room and add in items you’re considering to see how they flow or how they don’t flow.

Focus on Lighting

The lighting in your home is a huge part of your home and should be a focus when you are designing each room. Many people make lighting an afterthought. The light fixtures you choose and the bulbs you choose can have a profound effect on the feel and design of the space. Focus on putting up a variety of lights, from lamps to ceiling lights, to provide layers of soft light. You should also make sure that curtains or blinds can be easily opened up to allow natural light into your home during the day. Use mirrors to spread natural light in rooms that don’t have many windows.

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