How Can a Great Recliner Chair Improve Your Life?

Reclining ChairsWhen it comes to living room furniture, nothing is quite like the almighty recliner chair. It provides a ridiculous amount of comfort and enough space for multiple happy cuddlers. There is no easier place to doze off at the end of a long day. But aside from simple comforts, what less obvious benefits can a recliner chair provide?

Recliner chairs offer considerable relief for those suffering from any type of mobility issues. While anyone can find extra comfort, it takes on a new level of importance when a medical condition like arthritis is involved. The ability to change positions without moving is the main feature of automatic recliners, while ankle and knee joints will be thankful for reduced pressure. Most importantly, a recliner provides comfort for longer periods of time than other furniture, which is perfect for those who can’t move around much.

Pregnant women are among the happiest of recliners. When everything seems to hurt more than it used to, lying down periodically throughout the day is a must. Recliners provide an opportunity to do so without heading to the bedroom every time. In addition, they usually provide ideal angles for those with child.

You don’t need to be pregnant or suffering from a medical condition to reap the health benefits of a recliner. These chairs also combat the “silent killer” that lies within so many of us. A great recliner can be an effective weapon against stress and all the negative effects it brings. Research has shown that stress is a serious factor that needs to be monitored and controlled, and taking some quality time to relax can go a long way.

But stress isn’t the only negative effect of a long day’s work. Those who stay on their feet all day long can end up with some serious circulation issues. Sitting back on a recliner may help to alleviate some of the build up pressure in the lower body, improving circulation and overall health.

Just because recliners in general may offer health benefits doesn’t mean that they all have equal effect. The piece at your local big box store might be cheap, but quality of materials and construction are supremely important when it comes to how well a recliner can work. Sherwood Studios can help you find the perfect chair to help your body recline, relax, and find relief.


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My wife has been wanting to get us some recliners, and I think that being able to see if they are really that much better than a regular chair would be good. I’m glad that you talked about the benefits of recliners for pregnancy, and how they offer ideal angles. I’m going to have to see if we can get my wife a good recliner as she’s pregnant, and see if she finds a new comfortable position to sit! Thanks!


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