How to Refresh Your Home on a Budget

Tips for Refreshing Your HomeDon’t let wallet worries stop you from refreshing your home. You can decorate your home to make it look beautiful and up-to-date on any budget!

Here’s how to refresh your home on a budget:

Rearrange what you have

Reworking the accessories you already have is by far the cheapest way to make your interior feel new. Arrange books by color, switch the throw pillows from the bed and the sofa, rearrange your living room furniture—just be creative!

Update your hardware

Door handles, faucets, knobs and pulls are inexpensive ways to make your kitchen and bathroom look refreshed. Try trendy brass fixtures for an of-the-moment look.

Slap on a fresh coat of paint

Read up on DIY painting techniques, put down some drop cloths and refresh your space with a new color of paint. If you don’t have time or money to repaint the whole house, focus on one or two rooms. You can also repaint furniture in fun new colors and finishes.

Add a statement wall

Any room will look instantly refreshed when you create a focal point on one of the walls. Paint the wall in a bright color, cluster your art to create a gallery wall or put up some interesting wallpaper.

Shop smart

Scour your local furniture store (Sherwood Studios, perhaps?) for unique furniture and accessories to update your home. You never know what you’ll find!

There’s nothing like professional interior design to make your home look its best. Sherwood Studios offers full interior design services to homeowners in the West Bloomfield area. Call us today at 248-855-1600 so we can decorate the home of your dreams.