5 Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Bedroom

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There are probably times when you want to change up the look of every room in your house. You might just be a restless person or maybe you follow the newest interior design trends and always want to adopt the latest styles. But it’s not always practical or necessary to redo your entire space. So, how do you know when you’re truly in need of a redesign?

Well, there are a few telltale signs for each room that indicate an upgrade is in order. Let’s go over what to look for in one of the most important rooms in your home—the bedroom!

1) You avoid being in it.

Your bedroom should be a place of rest, relaxation, and comfort. This should be the space you can escape to when you need to get away from the rest of the world and just unwind. If your bedroom is not currently that space for you, then it’s time to think about a redesign.

Do you only go to your room at night when you’re about to go to sleep? Then immediately leave when you wake up? That’s not how it should be! Updating with furniture and décor that you actually like will make your bedroom more fun, cozy, and inviting to you.

2) You’re not getting good sleep.

The primary function of your bedroom is to serve as a space where you can get quality, peaceful sleep. When you’re struggling to get the quality or quantity of sleep that you need, your bedroom is no longer serving its purpose. Trouble sleeping often means it’s time for a new bed or that your bedroom feng shui is off.

Does your back hurt? Or do you always wake up tired? You’re likely in need of a new mattress or bedframe. Invest in a high-quality mattress and frame and upgrade to new comfy bedding. If you’re still having trouble getting a good night’s sleep, start looking at other elements of the room. Factors such as color palette, furniture placement, electronics, and even the wrong décor can all be disruptive to your sleep.

3) Clutter has overtaken it.

A buildup of clutter in your bedroom means you’re running out of functional space. The messier and more disorganized your room is, the less comfortable you’ll feel in it. A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind, which makes it difficult to relax and fall asleep.

If you’re constantly tripping over items or struggling to quickly find what you need in your bedroom, it’s time to update with more practical furniture and storage solutions. Think multifunctional pieces—storage ottoman, bedframe with built-in drawers or cabinets, etc.—that will provide the extra space you need without overcrowding the room with extra furniture.

4) It feels outdated.

When you’ve redesigned or upgraded every other major room in your home and left your bedroom untouched, moving from one of those other spaces to your bedroom can feel like you’re stepping through a time machine. If your bedroom doesn’t fit with the style of the rest of your house, you’re not going to like being in it.

Maybe the design is simply outdated or you never upgraded from your childhood or college bedroom furniture and décor. Whatever it is that makes your bedroom feel obsolete, you need to gut and replace it. Update the space with a new design scheme, furniture pieces, and décor to make it feel more mature and like the you of today—not ten years ago.

5) The lighting is off.

Because this is where you sleep, finding the right balance of light in your bedroom is key. If your room is too bright or too dark, you should consider at least a partial redesign to adjust accordingly. When choosing the right lighting, take your preferences and functionality into account.

Are you the type of person who needs to sleep in the pitch black? Get some blackout curtains or heavy window treatments. Incorporating darker colors throughout the space can also help you relax and get into sleep mode if you’re this kind of sleeper. On the other hand, if your bedroom is too dark, add some ambient lighting and new accents to brighten it up. In addition to bedside lamps and other artificial light sources, light colors, mirrors, lightweight curtains, and other accessories that enhance natural light will be ideal.

If you’re struggling to get started with your West Bloomfield bedroom redesign, the Sherwood Studios team is here to help!

Our bedroom interior design services cover all aspects you could wish for in a bedroom upgrade. From floor plans to new furniture and décor, and even updated flooring and fabrics, we’ll work with you to bring the bedroom of your dreams to life.

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How To Make Your Formal Dining Room More Casual

Dining Room Interior Design Services in West Bloomfield, MI

Depending on what you do with it, your dining room can be one of the most useful and enjoyable spaces in your home. If the idea of that surprises you, then you’re probably stuck on the image of a formal dining room that gives off the impression you’re only supposed to be there on holidays or when eating a proper meal.

When you implement a casual style in your dining space, you’re much more likely to want to spend time in it on a regular day-to-day basis!

Here are a few interior design tips to help you get that relaxed and inviting feel:

Brighten it up.

Light and airy colors make your space feel more open and casual, whereas darker, deeper shades have a heavier and more elegant effect. A simple way to soften your color scheme is to refinish darker wood tones with warmer, more welcoming ones—think farmhouse style with yellow or even light grey undertones. If your walls are dark, paint them something neutral or go a little bolder with a pastel hue or patterned wallpaper.

Dress down the table.

A fully set dining room table creates a very formal atmosphere. Leaving it open and accessible makes the room more approachable and functional. Until you’re serving food, ditch the placemats and china settings and opt for one simple centerpiece instead. A seasonal floral arrangement or decorative bowl is all you need to add the right homey touch.

Use modern accessories.

A lot of what makes a traditional dining room feel formal is in the ornate details and antique accents (oriental rugs, china cabinets, crystal chandeliers, etc.). By modernizing these accessories, you turn it into a friendlier, more casual space. Try decorating with some vibrant botanicals, light linen drapery, and a simple chandelier or table fixtures for lighting. Add a larger contemporary piece, such as a dining bench or a bar cart, to complete your casual, contemporary look.

If you need help taking your dining room from formal and stuffy to casual and lively, the interior design team at Sherwood Studios can help. Our designers will work with you closely to achieve the vision you have for your dining room, whether it’s sophisticated, casual, or something in between.

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Smart Furniture Shopping: Where to Splurge and Where to Save

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Buying your first home is an exciting milestone. You finally have the opportunity to make a space that’s completely your own without the limitations of renting. While it’s normal to want to splurge on your dream furniture and accessories, it’s not really prudent to spend that much money when you’re now responsible for the costs of home ownership.

But you don’t want to live in a house filled entirely with cheap furniture, right? So, how do you know which pieces are worth the higher price tag right now and which to conserve on? Don’t worry—we’ve got some insight that can help!

Pieces to Splurge On:


Your couch is going to be one of the most used pieces in your home. It needs to be durable, comfortable, and last longer than your other furniture. Invest in one you love now and you’ll be set for years to come.


The only piece of furniture you’ll be using more than your couch is your bed. Sleep is so important to a healthy (and happy) lifestyle, spending a little more on a good quality mattress is going to pay off big time.

Dining Room Table

In many ways, the dining room table is the heart of your home. It grounds the room and serves as a place for your family and guests to gather and fuel. You need a sturdy table to strongly define the room.

Pieces to Save On:


Your main concern with lighting is that it is functional. When it comes to fancy fixtures, there’s no reason to overspend on something you can find a cheap version of that does the job just as well.

Art & Décor

As with your lighting, imitations and cheaper artworks and decorative accents will add the same personality and style you’re looking for in your space without breaking the bank. Plus, you’re probably going to be swapping these pieces out every few years anyway as trends and your tastes change.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are going to suffer so much wear and tear that it’s not worth it to buy anything too expensive. No matter how much you spend, within a few years most rugs will be damaged beyond hope. You’re better off saving your money to replace them when the time comes.

Sherwood Studios’ full-scale furniture store in West Bloomfield has something for every style and every budget. Just tell us what you’re looking for and what you want to spend, and our professionals will set you up with pieces that will exceed your expectations, not your bank account.

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3 Tips for Furnishing Your Studio Apartment

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As we go through life, we must learn to make the most of the cards we are dealt. Sometimes, life gives you a studio apartment.

When you furnish and decorate a studio apartment, even your small choices make a big impact. Making such a limited space your own can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. With some careful planning and the tips from our design experts below, you can maximize every inch of your small-scale space to make it feel like home!

1) Don’t approach it as one big room.

Too many people make the mistake of looking at their studio apartment as a singular space to furnish and decorate, when really this just limits how you can use it. Instead, create smaller, distinctive spaces to optimize functionality and make it feel less cramped. Use furniture, rugs, and other pieces to differentiate between areas that serve different purposes. For example, you might section off your bed with bookshelves or a room divider to separate your “bedroom” and “living room” spaces.

2) Minimize clutter.

When the amount of usable space you have to work with is so restricted, there’s no room for clutter. This doesn’t just mean keeping your shoe collection organized and piles of junk mail out of sight (although you should do that too). Overcrowding a studio with furniture, décor, accents, and other accessories can also make it feel small and cluttered. Choose your decorative accents wisely to nail the perfect balance—too few and your space feels sparse, but too many and things start to get claustrophobic. Also remember that multifunctional furniture and hidden storage will be your saving grace.

3) Stick to one cohesive color palette.

Using a consistent color palette throughout all of the distinctive spaces you create in your studio will help the design of your apartment flow and create a sense of openness. Neutral colors are your best bet to brighten up a small space like this. Incorporate a few bolder accent colors, or even some patterned elements, to add visual interest and personality to your palette.

At Sherwood Studios, we have everything you need to make the most of your studio apartment. Choose from a wide selection of premier furniture and stylish home accents to bring your small space to life. If you need a hand, our interior designers will be happy to step in with their expertise and come up with a plan to transform your space.

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How to Clean A Fabric Sofa

A quality sofa typically lasts anywhere from 7-12 years with the proper maintenance. Maintaining your sofa includes routine cleaning to ensure it is in its best condition. Fabric sofas require special care to remove stains, dirt, and lingering bacteria. 

Here are a few tips for cleaning your fabric sofa: 

Start by Vacuuming 

Remove any pillows and removable cushions. Thoroughly vacuum your couch to remove any loose dirt, debris, and pet dander. Use a handheld vacuum with a narrow suction tube to get in small spaces .

Check Clean Code 

Before you begin cleaning your sofa, check the clean code. This tells you how to clean your sofa and what solutions work best. 

Here is a breakdown of the furniture cleaning codes: 

WUse a water based cleanser. Can be spot cleaned or shampooed. 
SUse solvent cleaners only or dry clean. 
W/SCan use a water-based and or dry cleaning solvent cleaner. 
XCleaned with vacuuming or light brushing. No water or solvent cleaners. 

If you can use a water-based cleanser on your sofa, you can purchase a sofa cleaner or simply mix equal parts baking soda and water. Spray this on your couch to remove lingering odors and disinfect it. Be sure not to saturate your furniture with too much water as it will be difficult to dry. 

For tougher stains, you can mix another solution of baking soda and water into a light paste. Apply this to the stains and gently brush in circular motions.  

If your cushions have removable covers, take them off and wash them according to the label’s instructions. Most cushion covers can be cleaned in a washer machine. 


Use a dry towel to soak up any moisture. Allow your sofa to air dry for at least one day before you resume regular use. 

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Creating the Perfect Background for Video Calls

Creating the Perfect Background for Video Calls

Now that many people are handling day to day business from home, there has been an increase in video calls. Reporters, politicians, and many other people have been working from home for weeks. Whether you are conducting a team meeting, being interviewed for a job, or simply catching up with friends, there is one thing everyone will notice-your background!

Your background is a reflection of who you are and represents some of your interests and personal style. 

Here are a few tips for creating the perfect background for your next video call:


One of the most important aspects of a perfect video is lighting. Make sure that you are in a room that has good lighting. If possible, try to set up your camera in front of a window so that the natural light will shine on your face. Do not sit with the window behind you, because the light will wash out your background and the callers won’t be able to see your face. If you cannot find the right natural light, try using an LED lamp

Tidy Up 

After you have found the perfect location in your home, check out the background, and clean up any clutter. Things like stacks of paper, magazines, and articles of clothing should be removed. This will give you a clean, fresh area to host your video phone calls. 


Although you should have a clean background, it is best to have some elements of decor and not just a stark white wall. You can use different items in your home as design props. 

Here some items you can use in your video background:

  • A houseplant
  • Stack of books 
  • Gallery wall
  • Accent wall 

We hope these simple tips can help you up to your game for your next video call. 

Sherwood Studios offers professional interior design services, which include furniture design, window treatments, floor coverings, fabric selections, custom fixtures, and more! 

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Why You Should Rearrange Your Furniture

Why You Should Rearrange Your Furniture

With more and more people spending time indoors, you may begin to look at your surroundings with an especially critical eye. Your home is your sanctuary, a safe place to relax and unwind, but is it completely serving its purpose? Now is a great time to make a change by rearranging your furniture and other decor items in your home. Rearranging your furniture can help create better functioning space, reduce unnecessary clutter, and improve your overall mood. 

Here are a few tips for rearranging your furniture:

Take A Look Around

Glancing around your living room, chances are you can find a few areas that could use a little “pick me up”. Take a look at your space and decide how you want the room to function. Maybe you want more room to lay down your yoga mat in the morning or a small corner for reading. Decide what you want from your space and then map out the changes. You can create a quick sketch of your room and the changes you want to make. This sketch will help to keep your thoughts in order and can be used as a guide while you are changing the room around. 

Create A Flow

Every room has a natural flow of traffic. This helps to guide you through the room and provides a sense of direction. Be sure there is a clear path to easily walk through the room. When rearranging furniture it is important to put it in an area that does not impede traffic. 

Remove Clutter 

If you have a stack of magazines that has been collecting dust or unopened mail piling up, now is a great time to get rid of these items. You can easily recycle these things to remove any unnecessary items in your home. This is also a good time to look at any decor items and decide if you need them or not. Over time it is easy to collect items that you don’t need. Sometimes they work well for the time, but may not be a necessary item in your home.  

Think Green 

No matter how you rearrange your room, it is a good idea to add plants if you do not have them already. Plants help improve air quality, connect us with nature, and can help improve your mood. 

Natural Lighting 

The way in which a room is lit has a significant impact on the overall look and feel of it. For example,  a dimly lit room may feel cold and dark whereas a brighter room feels more lively. Different rooms will have different levels of natural light depending on where they are in your house in relation to the sun. Although that is not something you can change, you can swap out your window treatments. Because it is spring, now is a good time to replace your heavier winter curtains with a lighter option to allow more light to pass through the room. 

With these tips you can help create a new look with the items you already have in your home! 

Sherwood Studios is dedicated to providing high-quality furniture and interior design services to our clients. 

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Tips for Decorating Your Home Office

With an increase of people working from home, now is a good time to establish a home office. Home offices can help people become more productive and gives you the ease of working in a comfortable environment. Many people think they need a spare room to have a home office but a tidy corner in your living room could be the perfect place to get things done. No need to feel overwhelmed, chances are you already have the perfect spot in your house, all you need to do is spot it and decorate it.

To create a practical working environment, follow these tips.

Spend time thinking about the perfect location

Chances are, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your home office so don’t just throw a desk in an unused closet and hope for the best. Also, think about traffic flow and how well you can handle distractions. Maybe you do your best work in the middle of the action if not; maybe your office should be tucked away in a quiet space. If clients will be stopping by, a private space with seating is a must. You

Incorporate functional furniture

Your home office furniture should complement other rooms in your house and should also be functional. Furniture can have a major impact when it comes to being productive. Try not to go overboard with furniture, keep it simple so you’re less likely to feel distracted or stressed. For beautiful home office furniture, browse our selection at Sherwood Studios.

Work with a view

Try positioning your desk towards a window if you can, so you can stare at something more interesting than a blank wall. A study mentioned in Psychology Today links light exposure in the work environment to improved sleep and vitality. Although a windows natural light is ideal, if you’re in a room without a window, hang an intriguing picture above your desk.

Working from home can be challenging, but if you find the right location in your house and decorate it, you’ll get your work motor humming rather quickly and you’ll be back in business. Need help with your home office design or furniture? Contact Sherwood Studios today, we’ll help you create a space you will love to come home to.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is just around the corner, which means now is a great time to start preparing your home for the new season by cleaning it up.

Here are a few tips to get started on your spring-cleaning checklist:

Create a list

Taking a look around your home, you may get overwhelmed with all the different rooms and tasks you have to complete. Before you begin it is best to make a clear list of every task you want to complete.

Here is a short list you can use:

  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Bedrooms
  • Floors
  • Carpets
  • Garage

Once You have made a list, start by tackling one room at a time.

Here are a few tips:


The kitchen is probably one of the hardest rooms to clean because it has the most foot traffic out of all other rooms.

Start by cleaning the cabinets, throw away any expired foods and chipped dishes.

Wipe down all appliances and countertops. Old appliances can be donated or sold to a local second-hand shop.


Change all bed linen, sweep the floors, vacuum any carpets and wipe down the ceiling fans.


The garage is often used as a place to house junk and other items that you could probably do without. Instead of keeping these items another spring, consider hosting a yard sale. This way you can unburden yourself of the items cluttering your home while also making some cash.

Living Room

This is another high traffic are that can easily accumulate dirt and clutter. Start by cleaning off the mantle, fireplace, and any shelving. Dust and vacuum away any cobwebs. After cleaning the room, you can begin cleaning your furniture.


You should clean your furniture at least every six months. Throughout the year dirt, dead skin cells, and pet dander can accumulate in between the fabric of your furniture.

As a full-scale furniture store, Sherwood Studios is experienced with matter pertaining to cleaning fine furniture.

Here are a few tips to help you master cleaning your furniture this spring:

When it comes to wood furniture, it’s not so much the type of wood that matters, but, more so, the type of finish on it.

In general, finishes on furniture can be soft, hard or painted. You can polish your furniture 3 to 4 times per year using a store-bought polish appropriate for the type of finish.

Some people choose to use a vacuum with a dusting brush attachment to clean their fine furniture, while others opt for a clean, soft cloth.

If you have furniture with an oil finish, you should not use wax, mineral oil, or furniture polish on it. Instead, you’ll want to use boiled linseed oil, Tung oil, and/or distilled white vinegar.

Furniture with a lacquer finish can be cleaned with a solvent-based furniture cleaner. Some people use an oil soap. Liquid wax can be applied to maintain a glossy look. It’s always a good idea to test a cleaning product on a small, inconspicuous spot to make sure it works well and doesn’t ruin the look of the piece.

European furniture is more likely than US-made furniture to have polyurethane finishes, which can be cleaned using a moist cloth to remove fingerprints and light soil. Mineral spirits can be used to remove dirt build-up. Be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands when working with mineral spirits.

Finally, painted furniture finishes can be cleaned using a mixed solution of mild, non-abrasive detergent and warm water, followed by a rinse with clear water. With painted furniture finishes, you should not use any oil products.

Call Sherwood Studios at 248-855-1600 with any questions you have regarding the cleaning of fine furniture.

Spring Into The Season With Fresh Interior Design Elements

With spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to brighten up your home with fresh, easy changes. Let’s emphasize easy because we know you’ll want to devote most of your time with friends, family and enjoying the outdoors as much as you can.

When trying to shift into the new season, refer to these three easy tips:

Hints of Green

Adding green to your home is the simplest and easiest way to make your home feel fresh this spring. If green isn’t typically a color you prefer, worry not. Instead, you can incorporate a few houseplants! Buying a eucalyptus branch and putting it into a simple glass vase can transform a space in an instant. Succulents are also a good choice to help add a little life to your home. These plants are very popular because they are low maintenance, only having to water them about once a week. Here are a few more plants to check out for those who don’t have a “green thumb”.

Woven and wicker

You’ll suddenly feel “spring ready” after adding woven-like textures to your home. Whether it be rocking chairs on your front porch or rattan chairs in your sunroom. Woven or wicker textures work really well with potted flowers or plants. Before you know it, you’ll have a blooming garden look inside of your house.


A great way to freshen up a space for spring is to put white linen slipcovers on your furniture. This adds a casual elegance to the room and will look excellent with woven or wicker material and vibrant plants. If you’re looking for a more colorful spring look, throw a batik hand-blocked print over your kitchen or dining room table

Now that you’ve brought the outside in with plants, wicker and homespun linen, you’re ready to kick start the spring with your first gathering showcasing your simple and fresh indoor changes. If you’re looking to redecorate your home for the spring and want to go beyond these simple revisions, contact Sherwood Studios today.

Sherwood Studios offers professional interior design services which include furniture design, window treatments, floor coverings, fabric selections, custom fixtures and more!  Contact us today to set up a consultation with our professional interior designers!