Sprucing Up Your Home this Spring

Spring is going to be settling in soon; it’s time to start adding some fresh décor into your home. TSprucing Up Your Home this Springhere are a variety of ways to achieve a vibrant, spring-inspired space.

In Full Bloom

Adding floral print pieces into your living space is a fun, simple way to prepare for a new season. Floral print is both timeless and tasteful. You can purchase a floral print dresser, magazine rack, statement chair, or area rug in order to add some “fresh flowers” into the room of your choice. If you’re really feeling festive, purchase yourself a fresh bouquet to make any room especially inviting.

Go Green

If you want to experiment with different colors to add some energy into your home, consider going green this spring. You don’t have to repaint a room in order to add color into your living space. Color can be added into a room in a variety of ways, and green is a great color to focus on for the spring season. Items such as green candles, succulents, green canvas art, or statement pillows can add a sprinkle of green into your living space.

Replace Photographs

If you want to switch up a room without making extremely expensive changes, consider temporarily hanging new artwork in place of old ones.  During the spring months, display paintings or photographs of sunny beaches, open fields, or floral arrangements to bring the outdoors into your home. When the season is over, store them and save them for the following year.

Identify the Details

Updating your home décor for a new season can be as simple as temporarily replacing small items inside of your home. Consider replacing hand towels with spring-themed towels or pastel colored of your choice. Replace your old holiday-themed candle with a fresh fruit scent such as lemon or watermelon. If you are looking to make a big change, consider replacing old furniture pieces for something bold and bright, spring is a great time for change.

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