Why People Love Minimalist Interior Design (& How to Pull it Off in Your Space)

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Over the last few years, minimalism has really come to the forefront of the interior design industry. Minimalist style is defined by simplicity, functionality, and precision. The concept behind this look and lifestyle is to limit your material possessions and follow a “less is more” philosophy. You may think of minimalism as boring at first, but when you see it in action, the advantages of living in a minimalist space become more and more apparent.

The Benefits of Minimalism

Good for your health

A messy, cluttered home can have a negative impact on your mental health. Think about it; wouldn’t walking into a room with clothes covering the floor, busy patterned wallpaper, and every inch of surface space covered in knickknacks stress you out? The less stuff you have and that your mind has to process, the less stressed you’ll be. Plus, with fewer objects around to gather dust and allergens, minimalism can actually promote better air quality.

Calming, comfortable environment

Less chaos and visual stimulation make for a more relaxing atmosphere. Minimalism is all about light and airy ambiance, achieved through streamlined furniture, light neutral colors, and warm textures. People often find that spending time in a minimalist space allows them to keep their mind calm and rest easier.

Save time and money

Another perk of choosing minimalism for your home interior is that you’ll have fewer pieces of furniture and décor to buy. This saves you money on furnishing your home, as well as time maintaining those furnishings. With more open space, there is less to clean and take care of, leaving you with more time to actually enjoy what you do have.

Simple but luxurious aesthetic

The principles of minimalism come together to create a refined and elegant-looking space. Since you have so few pieces in a minimalist room, the ones you do have should be of the highest quality. While the quantity of your furniture and belongings keeps things simple, the quality gives your space an air of luxury.

Tips for Creating a Minimalist Space


The first step to implementing minimalism in your space is to pare down and organize what you have in it. This goes for knickknacks, wall and table décor, furniture, and other accessories. This is key for achieving the simplicity that defines the style. Go through your belongings and get rid of everything you don’t actively use. For the items you keep, organize them using clean storage solutions, such as hidden drawers in furniture or storage ottomans.

Keep furniture and décor to just the essentials.

For your furniture and décor, limit yourself to just a few necessities and carefully-selected details. In a living room, for example, you’d want to stick with just the seating you need, TV/entertainment center, a coffee table and/or a few end tables. Décor in a minimalist living room might include functional accessories, such as an area rug, lamp, and couch pillows, as well as one or two decorations, such as a simple piece of wall art or vase of flowers on the table.

Use symmetry and clean lines.

Symmetry and clean lines are staple elements of a minimalist space. They are used to create balance and place the focus of the room on function and practicality. Flat, smooth surfaces and clean lines will also emphasize each piece in your space to help create visual interest and bold statements. This is especially important to do for minimalist interiors, where you have less to work with to create an attractive and interesting design.

Stick with two to three colors.

A simple color palette is another defining aspect of minimalist design, as it is crucial to keeping your space simple and elegant. The basis of your color scheme should be light neutrals or shades, such as whites, beiges, greys, light blues, light pinks, etc. If you want to be bold with it, make your second or third hue a more vibrant pop of color, used sparingly in your accessories.

Add dimension with textiles.

One thing to keep in mind if you’re going with a minimalist interior design style is that you need to consciously include warm elements. The simple, modern, clean elements of minimalism can become cold and stark quickly without the right balance. Layering different textiles is an easy and effective way to instill warmth and create more visual interest in your space. Play around with inviting textures such as linen, cotton, rattan, jute, and wool in accessories like area rugs, drapes, and pillows.

At Sherwood Studios, we offer a wide selection of modern, streamlined furniture to help you live the minimalist lifestyle. If you’re having trouble bringing the elements of minimalism together in your space, we also offer interior design services to help you achieve the vision you have for your home interior.

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