Avion TV console




One of the most underrated aspects of a living room, family room, basement or bedroom is the placement of the television. After all, you want to be able to rest and comfortably watch the tube, and not be distracted by items or fixtures near the set.

Avion 8927 TV Stand and Console is the ideal home for your television, as it not only provides a fashionable resting place for your set, but it also helps you stay organized with drawers to hold controllers, speakers, movies, video games and other items you want near your television.

The setup is best used in medium-sized home theater systems (television sets up to 75’’) and its overall dimensions are 22.5H x 65W x 22D in 57H x 166W x 56D cm.

Recommended TV Size: *
up to 75” TV

Overall Dimensions:
22.5H x 65W x 22D in
57H x 166W x 56D cm


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