Cambria Dining Table




Built with design passion, the Cambria Round Dining Table features timeless form and shape with a diverse interaction of materials. Birch wood, available in various finishes, intersects with shimmering elements of stainless steel and tempered glass. The birch wood base with adjustable feet transitions to a stainless steel upright which supports a solid wood arc, wrapped in a birch veneer, and gracefully clad in a shimmering band of stainless steel. The Cambria table is available in either a 48” round, 42d x 80w rectangle and a 54” as shown. Brushed stainless rectangular discs permanently bonded to the glass attach the base to the top.

Cambria Specifications:

  • 48w x 29.25h 1/2″ clear tempered glass top Maple veneer
  • 54w x 29.25h 1/2″ clear tempered glass top Maple veneer


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