mr.GO! LED Lantern



Armed with a rechargeable battery, the Koncept mr.GO! LED Lantern available at Sherwood Studios Inc. is designed to allow you to bring bright light with you anywhere inside or outside of your home.

The lantern features a clean white exterior with a pop of color tucked into the interior and a curved LED light panel that functions as a handle when you are carrying it around.

Whether you decide to keep it as a decorative piece on a table or bring it with you from place to place to provide you with all the light you need, you will quickly see why this innovative lamp captured the iF Design Award 2017 in addition to several other notable distinctions.

Manufacturer: Koncept

190 lumens

3.9 watts consumption

Continuous dimming

5-hour battery life at highest setting

50+ hour battery life at lowest setting

5200mAh built-in battery

3.5 hours to full charge

50,000 hours LED lifespan

2,700K light color

Colors: Soft White, Soft Grey, Soft Green, Soft Orange, Soft Blue



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