Tono Floor Lamp



The Tono Floor Lamp from Koncept is perfect for those in search of a non-traditional light source. Unlike your standard lamp, the Tono Floor Lamp can automatically cycle through 1,500 different colors or be fixated on your favorite. Additionally, if there are times that you do crave the normalcy of white light, the Tono is capable of providing warm or cool white light, as well. It features 126 LEDs, dimming capabilities, and a 10,000-hour lifespan. For more information, contact Sherwood Studios Inc.

Manufacturer: Koncept

126 LEDs

18 watts consumption

10,000 hours lifespan

2,700 K to 8,000 K white light color

1,500 combinations of Red, Green Blue color light

Continuous touch dimming White

10’ cord


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