While appearance is important, Stressless®believes that sofas should feel just as good as they look. That’s why we’ve spent decades trying to better understand how the body works, and it’s why we invented some very innovative, patented comfort technologies that are responsible for providing you with the most comfortable seating experience possible.

Sofas with Power™

On Stressless® Emily and Mary sofas, individual seat modules can be fitted with motors that allow you to adjust the footrest, the back angle and the headrest angle effortlessly. You operate the Power™ functions from an integrated panel discretely concealed on the right side of your seat.

Sofas with BalanceAdapt™

On Stressless® Stella sofas with BalanceAdapt™, each individual seat adjusts to your body’s every movement as you recline, lean forward, lie down or put your feet up. You can also lock the function if you want to stop the seat from moving.

Sofas with Plus-system™

The Plus™ -system, found in several Stressless® sofas, provides optimal comfort and support for your lower back and head in all positions. The lumbar support automatically adjusts as you recline, and you can choose between an active or rest position for your neck.