Creating the Perfect Background for Video Calls

Creating the Perfect Background for Video Calls

Now that many people are handling day to day business from home, there has been an increase in video calls. Reporters, politicians, and many other people have been working from home for weeks. Whether you are conducting a team meeting, being interviewed for a job, or simply catching up with friends, there is one thing everyone will notice-your background!

Your background is a reflection of who you are and represents some of your interests and personal style. 

Here are a few tips for creating the perfect background for your next video call:


One of the most important aspects of a perfect video is lighting. Make sure that you are in a room that has good lighting. If possible, try to set up your camera in front of a window so that the natural light will shine on your face. Do not sit with the window behind you, because the light will wash out your background and the callers won’t be able to see your face. If you cannot find the right natural light, try using an LED lamp

Tidy Up 

After you have found the perfect location in your home, check out the background, and clean up any clutter. Things like stacks of paper, magazines, and articles of clothing should be removed. This will give you a clean, fresh area to host your video phone calls. 


Although you should have a clean background, it is best to have some elements of decor and not just a stark white wall. You can use different items in your home as design props. 

Here some items you can use in your video background:

  • A houseplant
  • Stack of books 
  • Gallery wall
  • Accent wall 

We hope these simple tips can help you up to your game for your next video call. 

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