Decorating Tips for the Holiday Season

We believe the holiday Holiday Decorseason is the perfect excuse to redecorate your home. When decorating for the holiday season, you have endless options from tasteful tinsel to ribbons of red. We have come up with several suggestions to help you prepare your home for the holiday season.

Be Cautious with Themed Décor 

There are hundreds of themes to choose from when you are decorating for the winter season. From peppermint patterns to boughs of holly, it is easy to decorate with a distinct theme during the holiday season. Before you line all of your floating shelves with angel figurines or border your walls with snowflakes, keep in mind that themes can also get cheesy quickly. If you want to do a theme this holiday season, stick with something simple. For instance, fill a glass vase with pinecones and purchase several frosted pinecones to hang from your tree. A pinecone theme is simple, natural, and subtle. Your theme will be clear but not overwhelming.

Focus on Your Staircase

If you have a staircase in your home that is visible from another living space, you are the envy of everyone attempting to decorate without one.  A staircase is a blank canvas when decorating for the holiday season. You can easily wrap tinsel, garland, or lights around the handrail and balusters on a staircase to make your home feel complete. You can stick with a classic green garland or wrap some Christmas lights around it for a warm touch. You can hang oversized ornaments or stockings from the balusters for a unique twist on the standard holiday decor. We especially love the idea of wrapping Christmas lights around the staircase to give your home a soft glow all season long.

Use Your Entrance Way

The large majority of us have frequent visitors throughout the holiday season. Whether people are dropping off a platter of cookies or they are coming in, they’ll see your entrance way first. It is important to decorate our entrance way in order to give a great first impression to our guests. You can put down a cute holiday themed welcome mat at the door for people to admire as they take off their boots. If you have a small table in your entrance way, consider putting up a small tree with some small ornaments for people to admire as they come in. We also love the idea of putting up a real wreath in an entrance way. The smell of the pine is inviting and it can spruce up a door with little effort.

There are endless options when it comes to decorating for the holiday season. If you are planning on decorating your home before the holiday season gets into full swing, let Sherwood Studios help you.