How to Clean A Fabric Sofa

A quality sofa typically lasts anywhere from 7-12 years with the proper maintenance. Maintaining your sofa includes routine cleaning to ensure it is in its best condition. Fabric sofas require special care to remove stains, dirt, and lingering bacteria. 

Here are a few tips for cleaning your fabric sofa: 

Start by Vacuuming 

Remove any pillows and removable cushions. Thoroughly vacuum your couch to remove any loose dirt, debris, and pet dander. Use a handheld vacuum with a narrow suction tube to get in small spaces .

Check Clean Code 

Before you begin cleaning your sofa, check the clean code. This tells you how to clean your sofa and what solutions work best. 

Here is a breakdown of the furniture cleaning codes: 

WUse a water based cleanser. Can be spot cleaned or shampooed. 
SUse solvent cleaners only or dry clean. 
W/SCan use a water-based and or dry cleaning solvent cleaner. 
XCleaned with vacuuming or light brushing. No water or solvent cleaners. 

If you can use a water-based cleanser on your sofa, you can purchase a sofa cleaner or simply mix equal parts baking soda and water. Spray this on your couch to remove lingering odors and disinfect it. Be sure not to saturate your furniture with too much water as it will be difficult to dry. 

For tougher stains, you can mix another solution of baking soda and water into a light paste. Apply this to the stains and gently brush in circular motions.  

If your cushions have removable covers, take them off and wash them according to the label’s instructions. Most cushion covers can be cleaned in a washer machine. 


Use a dry towel to soak up any moisture. Allow your sofa to air dry for at least one day before you resume regular use. 

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