How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

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Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art and philosophy of spatial arrangement. The goal of feng shui is to maximize the flow of qi (life energy), so that individuals are in harmony with their surroundings. Updating your bedroom furniture, layout, and décor according to feng shui principles will help make your space more tranquil, and promote deeper, more restorative sleep. If you’re living with a partner, bedroom feng shui can even help improve your relationship, since the bedroom is also a place of love and intimacy.

So, how can you feng shui your bedroom for better quality sleep, love, and living?

Place your bed to face the door, without being directly in front of it.

The ideal placement for a bed is against a wall where you have a view of the door, but are not directly in line with it. This is considered a commanding position, since you can see potential danger, but are not in its immediate pathway. Sleeping in this position makes you feel safe, which promotes better relaxation and higher quality sleep.

Try to also avoid placing your bed against a wall with a bathroom on the other side, or directly under a beam, fan, window, or piece of bold artwork. All of these things can restrict or disrupt your qi.

Use a headboard.

Another feng shui note on the bed—you should always use a headboard. A headboard provides stability and support, physically and for your energy. Choose a solid headboard, rather than one with bars or spaces in it, as these can cut the energy flow around you as you sleep. Soft upholstery is also recommended for your headboard, for a comfortable and inviting feel. If you’re using a solid material though, at least try to get something with soft edges to offset it.

Feng shui your color palette.

Color is a key aspect of feng shui. For your bedroom, choose hues that are peaceful and/or sensual. This will help set the right tone for sleep and sex, which are the only two things you should be doing in your bedroom. Neutral colors, like cream or beige, earth tones, like soft greens, pale blues, and chocolates, and muted colors, like pinks and peaches, are good places to start.

You should also select colors for your bedroom based off of your own personal needs. For example, if you’re a passionate person who needs a little more vibrant energy, incorporate pops of red to bring in the life you need. Or, if you’re looking for more of a serene vitality, deeper blues will work well. Just keep in mind that you only need small pops of these louder colors to have a big effect.


Clutter in your bedroom stresses you out and blocks the flow of positive energy. The biggest spot to clear out is underneath your bed. You should have nothing there, as it will disrupt the movement of qi around you while you sleep, affecting your restfulness. Organize the closet as well, and close the door at night.

As far as things to remove from your bedroom, electronics, books, and work materials are the big ones. The EMFs produced by electronics, such as a television or cell phone, disturb your sleep. Try to limit them as best you can. Books and work materials also carry the wrong energy to be in your sleep space. Being reminded of work or distracted by books will only activate your mind when you want to be shutting it down.

Create symmetry with pairs.

Feng shui philosophy tells us that pairs promote harmonious energy. Even if you’re the only one sleeping in your bedroom, double up on supporting pieces where you can to help create symmetry. The best items to use in pairs are nightstands, pillows, and lamps. Try to get identical pieces, or at least ones that look similar. Arrange them on either side of your bed for balance.

As trained and experienced experts with an eye for design, the interior designers at Sherwood Studios can create a bedroom that follows the rules of feng shui and aligns with your personal style and needs. We’ll present you with a range of ideas and possibilities for floor plans, furniture designs, window coverings, fabrics, accessories, and everything else you need to complete your tranquil space of rest.

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