How to Pet-Proof Your Furniture

Close up view of adorable welsh corgi dogs and British longhair cat on sofa at home

Pets are more than just animals to many of us – they’re treasured family members. However, their playful behavior and furry presence can take a toll on our furniture. Claw marks, fur, and accidents can leave our sofas stained and scratched. But don’t worry, fellow pet owners! There are ways to enjoy the company of our furry companions while keeping our homes looking stylish.

Here are some tips for pet-proofing furniture and maintaining a chic living space.

Choose Pet-Friendly Materials

One of the easiest ways to ensure longevity for your furniture is to choose materials that are inherently pet-resistant. Some options include:

  • Leather: While it might get scratched, it’s easy to clean and can often be restored to its former glory with a little care.
  • Microfiber: This material is a pet owner’s best friend. It’s resistant to scratching, easy to clean, and doesn’t attract pet hair.

Use Protective Covers

Investing in protective covers or slipcovers can be a lifesaver. These covers:

  • Protect against dirt and fur: Easily removable, they can be shaken or washed.
  • Guard against scratches: A thick cover can be a barrier against those sharp claws.

Opt for Washable Fabrics

As a pet owner, you know that accidents are bound to happen. Still, choosing furniture with washable fabric or removable cushion covers can make your life easier. This way, spills, stains, and dirt can be easily washed away, keeping your furniture looking great all the time.

Stick to Patterns and Darker Colors

If you can’t fight the fur, hide it! Patterns and darker colors can camouflage pet hair, stains, and even minor scratches. This doesn’t mean you need to opt for a dark-themed living space, but strategically placing patterned throws or cushions can help mask the evidence of a pet-friendly home.

Implement Training and Boundaries

While it’s essential to pet-proof your home, training your pets is just as crucial. Simple commands like “off” can save your favorite armchair from becoming a cat’s scratching post. Also, consider the following:

  • Providing alternatives: Scratching posts for cats or chew toys for dogs can divert their attention from your furniture.
  • Establishing specific pet zones: Having a designated pet bed or area can reduce the time they spend on your furniture.

Perform Regular Cleaning Routines

Stay ahead of the game by establishing a regular cleaning routine:

  • Vacuum often: This removes pet hair and reduces the amount of dirt pets can transfer to your furniture.
  • Wipe down surfaces: Regularly clean the surfaces of your furniture to remove any pet-related residues or oils.

Utilize Anti-Scratch Sprays and Deterrent Mats

You can find anti-scratch sprays at most pet stores. These sprays discourage pets from using your furniture as their personal scratching post. Additionally, there are mats available with harmless spikes that can make it uncomfortable for pets to sit or lie on, which can teach them to avoid those areas.

Having pets in your home doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the elegance and durability of your furniture. By planning ahead, making strategic choices, and regularly maintaining your furniture, you can design a trendy and pet-friendly living space!

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