Improve Your Mood by Redecorating Your Bedroom

According to the US National Library of Medicine, we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. This means that almost one-third of your life will be spent in your bedroom. Why not make the most of it? It has been shown that our surroundings have an impact on our overall mood. Your bedroom shouldn’t just be a place where you sleep. It should be an extension of your personality and unique space. When you come home after a long day of work you want to arrive to a room that will make you feel good.

Redesigning your room can be simple and inexpensive with the help of these tips.Improve Your Mood by Redecorating Your Bedroom

Cutting the Clutter

One of the first steps when redesigning a space is to get rid of the garbage or items that do not belong. Everyone has a little hoarder in them and that is okay. An easy way to get rid of unwanted items is to decide on whether you have used it within the last 6 months. If you have not used it in that time, chances are it is just taking up space in your room and in your life.

Color Your World

With the clutter out of the way, you can decide what look or ambience you want to create. By selecting a color scheme, you can start to establish a theme for you bedroom. Your theme will be dependent on your personal preference, style, and what you are looking to accomplish.  Lighter colors like yellow, peach, and orange are energizing and is ideal for pops of color. If you want to create a more calming environment grey, blue, and green are more soothing.

Decide how you want to incorporate these colors into your bedroom. Throw pillows, sheets, comforters, and curtains are a great way to incorporate the colors into your room.

Get A Plant

Plants are not only visually pleasing but can do a lot to improve your health. Plants release oxygen which can refresh your air and help your breathing. According to researchers at Kansas State University plants have proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and decrease recovery time for surgical patients. The study showed that surgical patients that had a plant in their room had significantly more positive health outcomes than those without plants.

Redecorating your bedroom can become overwhelming and sometimes it is unclear where you should begin. To maximize your results consult a professional. Visit Sherwood Studios in West Bloomfield, Michigan for your interior design needs!


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