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Consider These 4 Factors to Help You Choose the Perfect Coffee Table

Every room has a staple furniture piece that defines the space. This piece is usually instantly recognizable and obviously points to the function of the room—the bed in a bedroom, couch in a living room, dining table in the dining room, etc. But the key to truly bringing a space together and making it feel… Read more »

Smart Furniture Shopping: Where to Splurge and Where to Save

Buying your first home is an exciting milestone. You finally have the opportunity to make a space that’s completely your own without the limitations of renting. While it’s normal to want to splurge on your dream furniture and accessories, it’s not really prudent to spend that much money when you’re now responsible for the costs… Read more »

Furniture Shopping Tips

Whether you’ve just bought a new home or have decided to redecorate, the new year is a great time to shop for new furniture. But which pieces should you buy? Try these furniture shopping tips from the pros. Do your prep work Decide in advance what your needs and style are. If you have frequent… Read more »