Stressless Panorama Sofa & Loveseat



When it comes to completing your living room, few things are more important than finding the right sofa. At Sherwood Studios Inc., we’re here to help with our Stressless Panorama sofa recliner and loveseat for sale. Whether you are looking for a 2 or 3-seat piece of furniture for your home, you can experience the great benefits of the Stressless Panorama. From its beautiful wood legs to its built-in BalanceAdapt system, there are more than a few reasons to love this piece. The back of this sofa and loveseat will automatically adjust to your position, giving you support like nothing else can. For more details about either of these pieces, please contact Sherwood Studios Inc. today!

Stressless Panorama 3 seat

  • Width: 85 1/2 , Height: 34 3/4 , Depth: 35 1/2 , Seat Height : 16 1/2

Stressless Panorama 2 seat

  • Width: 62 1/2 , Height: 34 3/4 , Depth: 35 1/2 , Seat Height : 16 1/2


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