6 Ideas for a Basement Remodel

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We often think of basements as old, musty caves that are only good for storing holiday decorations or using laundry machines. But the modern basement has the potential to be so much more than that! Finished basements add value to your property, more functional space to your home, and can be a fun design project to see through to full transformation.

When you decide to take the plunge and do a basement remodel, there are endless possibilities for directions you can go. We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular (and our favorite) ideas for a finished basement to give you a little inspiration!

1) Home Theater

Since basements are either partially or completely underground, they’re typically dark and give off a feeling of isolation. While that may sound like a gloomy place to hang out, those conditions actually make for the ideal immersive home theater experience!

What you’ll need: big wall-mounted TV or projector, modern entertainment center for media systems and accessories, plenty of comfortable seating (think big plush sectional or recliner rows), mini-fridge, cabinets, and/or shelving for refreshments

2) Game Room

If you prefer a more interactive entertainment space, turn your basement into a game room the whole family can enjoy! We’re not just talking about video games, but arcade and bar games, board games, and other classic forms of recreation.

What you’ll need: media setup with seating for video games, ping pong table, pool table, foosball, air hockey, card table, your other favorite games, table and chairs for board games, cabinets for snacks, fridge for drinks, ambient lighting

3) Extra Living Space

With the right furniture and interior design setup, you can make your basement a comfortable place to hang out alone or with family or guests, sleep, eat, or do anything really. Think of it as an annex of your house. This option is ideal for big families who need a little more individual space and privacy, frequent hosts, or, with the addition of a small kitchen and bathroom, to rent out as a studio apartment for extra income.

What you’ll need: carpeting and/or rugs for warmth, furniture to serve the room’s function (bed and dresser for guestroom, couch, TV, coffee table for living room, etc.), stylish décor and accents to make it feel homey

4) Basement Bar

Who doesn’t want a designated adult space to entertain friends, kick back, and let loose? A modern bar is a popular option for basement remodels. You could even combine a bar space with a game room or home theater and create the ultimate spot for fun, relaxation, and party hosting.

What you’ll need: bar counter and stools, liquor cabinets, fridge (or entire kitchen area if you want to go all out), laidback seating area, TV to watch the game

5) Home Office

Having a separate space away from the rest of your household to focus on work will do wonders for your productivity. Especially as the work from home movement picks up, a basement home office is going to be a valuable space to have. A little designer tip for optimizing your home office is to choose a color palette that creates the mood you need to be the most productive (green for creativity, blue for calm and focus, red for high-energy, etc.).

What you’ll need: desk with chair (preferably something ergonomic or at least comfortable for long-term use), bookshelves, file cabinets, recliner or couch for break time

6) Playroom

Just like you, kids need a space all their own in which they can relax and have fun. If bedroom space is limited, a basement playroom will provide plenty of room for kids to run wild with their imaginations and play with their favorite toys. This will make things easier on you too, as you’ll be able to better confine their toys and games and not have to worry about them getting things a little dirty or messy. When choosing furniture and any décor, let your kids select a few items to make the space really feel like theirs.

What you’ll need: comfy couch, TV for watching favorite shows and movies, child-sized table and chairs, carpet (for a soft place to land), plenty of toys and games

Whatever you have in mind for your basement remodel, Sherwood Studios can help you bring your vision to life! With top-quality furniture collections for every room and a team of interior designers available to lend their expertise, we’ll help you nail every detail from start to finish.

Contact us today to get started on your project!

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