Achieve the Farmhouse Style at Home

In the past year, “farmhouse décor” has become increasingly popular. This style focuses on small details with light colors, rough finishes, and wooden pieces. Many years ago, farmfarmhousedecorhouse décor was the true design of homes that were found on farms. Now, it is a look that many homeowners are now eager to achieve.

Focus on Natural Wood

A big staple among farmhouse décor is the use of wood, which was often used in older homes. If the wood is worn, think of it as a reflection of the wood’s story. Hardwood floors are also a big staple in farmhouse décor. If you can’t afford to put natural wooden floors throughout your home, consider using wood accessories instead. Hang a mirror with a wooden frame in a room with hard wood floors, even if they don’t match, to achieve a “natural wood” look.

Light It Up

Many farmhouse themed homes typically are full of light colors. Years ago, many homes had lighter colors because it was expensive to do dark colored finishes. The staple light blues, whites, and creams, have carried into present-day farmhouse décor preferences. By painting your walls or your trim a light color, you can start to “paint the picture” of a farmhouse. If your home has woodwork that is still original, don’t paint it in order to preserve the original history of home. However, if it is already painted, freshen it up with a fresh coat of white.

Don’t Focus on Fabric

Although many décor styles are focused on the fabrics and the textures of the home, farmhouse décor is not. You can mismatch your fabrics in a farmhouse home and get away with easily. If you have pieces in your home that are “worn,” they will likely fit into a farmhouse styled home. Many people that owned farmhouses used to get handmade or second-hand furniture from loved ones, which typically had a “used” appearance. Don’t be afraid to mix and match seating to achieve a farmhouse look.

Get Cooking

The kitchen was a vital part of a farmhouse in previous years, and it should be a focus of your “farmhouse” home today. Families spent a lot of their time in the kitchen, eating meals and sharing stories. Focus on making your kitchen into a room that you want to spend time in by making it comfortable and inviting. Consider installing wooden countertops, to achieve that butcher block countertop feel. The wood will provide a sense of warmth to the kitchen, and will help bring in some of the wood that you’ve used within your décor and furniture.

These are just several suggestions, among many, that can transform your home into a farmhouse. For furniture and interior design ideas, visit Sherwood Studios.

Tips On Decorating Your New Home

Tips On Decorating Your New HomeFrom choosing color palettes to picking out a new ottoman, decorating a new home can be entertaining and enjoyable. However, the thought of decorating a new home can also be overwhelming and exhausting. If you’re preparing to decorate your first home, we have compiled several hints to help you out.

Focus on Where You Spend Your Time

When you purchase a home, you typically gain a lot more space. Houses often come with spare bedrooms and extra bathrooms, and you’ll likely have the urge to decorate all of them. Make sure that you focus on decorating the rooms that you are going to spend the most time in. Focus on making the bathroom, the kitchen, and your bedroom into what you want them to be. Paint, decorate, and furnish the rooms that you’ll spend your time in and save other rooms for when you are less stressed.

Accept the Gradual Process

You cannot decorate and furnish an entire house in just a few weeks unless you have an unlimited budget, which most of us do not. When you are moving into a new home, you have to accept that the home will not be what you want it to be in a matter of weeks. It is going to take months, perhaps years, to turn your new home into your “dream home.” Taking your time will also ensure that you are doing the projects that you desire the most.

Focus on Your Colors

Paint and splashes of color can do wonders for a home, and it is the best way to customize a home to your own taste. You can use color to tie your home together, furniture to déTips On Decorating Your New Homecor. As long as you have several pieces that match one another in color somewhat, the room will feel collective. For instance, if you have a bold colored sofa, you can just pull the color of the sofa into the room using an accent rug or even a lamp.

Invest in the Right Pieces

When furnishing your new home, you should make sure that you spend your money in the most ideal way. For instance, you are better off spending a significant amount of money on a sofa versus a lamp. You will have a sofa for much longer than you will have “décor” pieces. You want to invest your money into good furniture to ensure that you are getting high quality pieces that will stand up to the test of time. Invest in the pieces that you want from the very beginning and save yourself money later on.

These are just several suggestions that will help you decorate your new house to feel like a home. If you are looking for furniture pieces or interior design advice, contact Sherwood Studios for help.

Expected Decor Trends of 2017

Expected Décor Trends of 2017 With each passing year, home décor trends come and go. With 2017 less than a month away, potential home décor trends are starting to surface and we have highlighted a few below.

Mixed Metals

From jewelry to home décor, it used to be “taboo” to mix your metals. Most homeowners usually own all silver finished décor or all brass finished décor. However, 2017’s arrival is encouraging mixed metals in home décor. Many people are now decorating with an assortment of metals from gold to polished nickel. Your light fixtures and curtain rods no longer need to be the same metal.

Livable Fabrics

Previously, many people that decorated their homes frequently searched for formal furniture regardless of how little a purpose it might serve. Many families are now seeking furniture in fabrics that will stand-up to the wear and tear of children and pets. People want functional furniture that looks good but will last long.

Gemstone Tones

Color trends are constantly changing each year and many people update their homes to reflect this trend because it can easily be done. In 2016, the color gray took over bedrooms, couches, coffee tables, and countertops. In 2017, gemstone tones are expected to surface. Gemstone tones are a richer and bolder version of standard colors. For instance, a gemstone blue would be deep, dark, and rich. These tones are on the softer side but are incredibly bold.

DIY Prevails

DIY, or do it yourself, has been trending for several years and it is still going strong into 2017. People genuinely enjoy creating their own home décor pieces and refurbishing older ones. People use to donate items that no longer satisfied their taste but now, they recreate them to meet their preferences. From painting over a coffee table to covering an old ottoman in fresh fabric, people are still on a DIY kick that doesn’t seem to be fading out.

If you are looking to redecorate your home for the new year, contact Sherwood Studios to help you keep up with these upcoming trends and many more.

How Social Media Has Changed the Way We Decorate

How Social Media Has Changed the Way We DecorateMany of us remember spending weekends walking through furniture stores and inspecting throw pillows in department stores. We spent hours in hardware stores looking at paint swatches and silver faucet heads, trying to put together a vision that we could so easily picture in our heads.

In 2016, we have Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, among many other social media outlets putting our vision directly in front of us. We scroll through social media and see pictures of our dream kitchen or our ideal bedroom. We spot the couch that would fit perfectly in the living room or a bench that finally matches the mudroom. The home industry has exploded in the past few years. In 2014, it was worth 7.3 billion dollars and it has only continued to grow.

Perks of Pinterest

Pinterest has been a huge contributor to the revolution that the home industry has experienced over the last few years. Pinterest has allowed home décor and interior design businesses with an opportunity to connect directly and easily with customers.  It has also given them an outlet to advertise their products and services on social media where people are actively seeking them. If someone is searching for a “red couch” on Pinterest, hundreds of results from different businesses will fill their screen simultaneously. In fact, 40 percent of consumers search online for the products they want.

Social Media’s Influence

Social media has also allowed businesses to track how many people are interested in certain products or services through likes, retweets, and pins. Stores are able to publish their products to customers in an instant which allows followers to see each new product as it arrives. With online options being readily available, less people are coming into stores to look at products. However, it allows customers to show business exactly what they are looking for when they do arrive in the store which simplifies the shopping process and cuts down on the time customers need to spend in the store.

Social Media Superfans

Social media can also be held responsible for the major increase in the number of people interested in aesthetics and design. Social media has provided people with more resources to design their home and achieve their desired look. People are able to spend countless hours looking through thousands of design ideas from the comfort of their home, inspiring them to redesign their homes on a regular basis. Years ago, we would get our home to our “ideal” and leave it that way for several years.  Now, people are quick to follow and seek home décor trends, constantly re-doing rooms to fit their latest find.

If you have a vision for your home, contact Sherwood Studios, we can help you make it into a reality. Visit our Pinterest page for more home inspiration and give us a call when you’re ready to get started.

Vintage is Victorious in Interior Design

Many of us cringe at the trends that used to dominant the interior design industry. From bold wallpaper borders to a frenzy of ferns, some home décor trends will likely not return. However, some vintage home décor styles have made a compelling comeback.

Gorgeous Glass
Most people associate stained glass with churches but it was the focal point of front doors and windows for decades. It did phase out for a period of time but it is back and bolder than ever. Although many modern homes use double-paned glass and energy-efficient windows, those windows do not provide quite the same view as stained glass ones do. Stained glass is starting to make its way into contemporary spaces through windows, furniture, and accessories. Although it can be rather costly, you can even customize stained glass to fit the style of your home.

Whacky Wallpapers
43837843 - close-up of patterned wallpaper in retro interiorWhen people buy older homes, one of the first things they do is rip down wallpaper. Before you start tearing down your outdated wallpaper, seriously consider if it could work in the space. Patterned wallpaper is trending in interior design and it is working. Patterned wallpaper with a bold accent wall can pair well together and serve as a bold statement piece. Choose simple décor and furniture to compliment busy wallpaper. Many floral printed wallpaper patterns are back in style. Pair these with white and gold accents to add a soft, vintage touch to a bathroom for instance.

Colorful Kitchens
Looking back at home décor in the 1950’s could be blinding, the colors were beyond intense and they were everywhere. From blue bathtubs to red sofas, color found its way into every room and every piece in the home. Colorful kitchens have recently found their way back modern interior design. Many people are choosing to go with bold colored cabinets or white and black checkerboard floors.  Although white kitchens will always be a staple in interior design, don’t be afraid to add a splash of color to yours.

These are just three examples of vintage styles that are, yet again, trendy. If you want to incorporate some of these trends into your home but you fear that it will look outdated instead of up to date, contact Sherwood Studios to help you incorporate vintage trends into your current home.

Creating a Multi-Purpose Space in Your Home

Whether your company has moved towards telecommuting (at least part-time) or your children are in need of a space for arts, crafts and algebra homework, you may be looking to add a multi-purpose space to your home. Oftentimes spare bedrooms and laundry rooms are the areas of the house considered for this transformation, as they aren’t in use on a constant basis like your kitchen and living room are.

There is so much potential when it comes to developing a multi-purpose space, but designing this area can be tough. Luckily, Sherwood Studios has some tips that will help you make the most of this busy new space in your home.

Consider Compatibility

When combining a few different areas of a home into one room, it is important to consider their compatibility. For example, adding a desk and office supplies to your spare bedroom is typically a successful combination, because it is unlikely that you will have guests stayin

g at your home on a workday. Similarly, adding a workspace to your laundry room where your children can create school projects is a good option, as it will provide them with both a quiet space where they can focus

and the cleaning supplies they will inevitably need right on hand.

Increase Storage Space

Storage is important in every room of the home, even more so in a room that has multiple purposes. It is all too common for multi-purpose rooms to become catch-all spaces for random object. To prevent this from happening, we recommend choosing shelving and furniture pieces that maximize storage. This way, you will be able to keep your multi-purpose room organized and clutter free.

Now that you are ready to get to work designing your multi-purpose room all that is left to do is find the   right furniture to suit your needs. From tables and chairs to home offices accessories, Sherwood Studios offers a wide array of quality home furnishing options for homeowners in the West Bloomfield, Michigan area. We also offer interior design services, perfect for assisting you to develop a multi-purpose work that is both functional and stylish. For more information and to schedule an appointment with a member of our interior design team, please give us a call at 248-855-1600.

Opening Up About Open-Concept Floorplans

While open-concept floorplans may be all the rage in home design these days, the challenge is creating this floorplan in a way that is unique to your personal style, and ensuring that your design flows within your space. You also want to be sure your open floorplan is inviting and cozy.

Here are a few decorating tips for achieving the perfect open-concept floorplan:

Choose one paint colorInterior Design Ideas for an Open Floorplan

Perhaps the best way to ensure that your open-concept floorplan looks cohesive is to use just one paint color throughout. This will create the perfect flow from one room to the next. If you’re worried this will make everything look too boring, don’t; the furniture and accent décor you choose later on will allow you to introduce different colors, textures and patterns for that “pop” you need.

Use textures

Speaking of that “pop,” this is a great way to show distinction throughout your main living space. For example, consider a wallpapered accent wall in your living room to complement built-in shelving on the adjacent wall. It’s just enough to catch the eye without being too overwhelming.

Specify individual areas

Of course, the idea behind an open-concept floorplan is to have everything flow together seamlessly, but that doesn’t mean that each specific area can’t be decorated according to its role. In fact, this is highly encouraged to help define each space. The living room could be highlighted by a gorgeous sofa sectional (like this one) and accent chairs, while a bar-height countertop could be perfect for your kitchen area.

Don’t forget the storage space

In an open-concept floorplan, the key word is – yep, you guessed it – “open”. The last thing you want is to dilute your space with a whole bunch of clutter. Here’s one thing to try in your design: include sleek, closed cabinetry in your kitchen for dishes and small appliances. Optimal storage allows you to keep all of the extra things tucked away and to pull your guests’ focus towards whatever you want say a gorgeous marble fireplace and a matching set of these bold Verona chairs.

We can absolutely see the appeal of an open floorplan – the trick is knowing what to do with all that space once you have it! Not sure how to implement these ideas on your own? Allow the interior design experts of Sherwood Studios Inc. to lend a hand. Give us a call at 248-855-1600 or stop by our Studio in West Bloomfield, MI to see samples of our work!

The Three Most Versatile Furniture Pieces for Your Home

versatile furnitureWhether your live in a small apartment and need furniture items that can perform multiple jobs, or have just moved into a bigger house and have lots of extra space to fill, there are a few pieces that will give you the most versatility. Able to be incorporated into any interior design style, the following furniture pieces are ones that will used throughout your home for many years to come.

Chest of Drawers

The bedroom is just the most obvious location to place a chest of drawers. But this storage-friendly furniture item can also work wonders in your entryway and dining room. Instead of having your children’s outerwear clutter the floor, you can keep their hats, gloves and scarves organized within a chest of drawers. Not only will this solution add an extra layer of organization to the entrance of your home, but it will also ensure that no one leaves without grabbing the accessories needed to keep warm.

Placed along the dining room wall, your chest of drawers is always the perfect spot to store tablecloths, placemats and extra silverware. Hosting a big dinner party? You can even arrange platters of hors d’oeuvres and desserts along the top.


A living room essential, your ottoman can be used in place of a traditional coffee table, as well as for extra seating when entertaining guests. Relaxing in front of the T.V. after a long day at work? Just pull the ottoman up to the couch and put your feet up.

We recommend choosing a style with built-in storage so you can declutter your living room while making it more comfortable. The perfect place to keep extra throw pillows and blankets, it also works well for holding remotes and magazines when guests are visiting.

Console Table

A sleek and stylish addition to any furniture collection, a console table is the ideal size for a few hard-to-fill spots in the home. Need a little table to keep your keys and mail on in the entryway? Looking for a way to get a reading lamp behind your couch? A console table is the perfect option for jobs like these!

According to Houzz, a good size for placing behind most sofas is between 33 and 35 inches tall.

For furniture pieces that will be with you for years to come, we recommend choosing high-end options in a traditional style. Start your search for versatile furniture online with Sherwood Studios, or stop by our Southeast Michigan showroom to have a look around.

Designing a Kid-Friendly Living Room

kid-friendly living roomWe all want to boast a beautiful living room. After all, it should be the one room in your home where you can relax with your family, enjoy your favorite television show after a busy workday, and entertain guests. It shouldn’t be the one room in your home that lacks style, organization or upkeep. And just because you have children, doesn’t mean your living room – or the rest of your home for that matter – has to lack style. There are plenty of ways to make your living room look elegant and clean, while also making it kid-friendly and safe.

Here are some tips to help you maintain a clutter-free, organized and visually appealing living room, no matter how young your children may be.

Find the Right Paint

Fingerprints, markers, crayons and other imperfections can make your walls look dirty and unmaintained, which can take away from the overall beauty of your living space. Once the marks are on the wall, there’s no going back – unless you paint your walls with a washable paint sheen! Colors in eggshell, satin or semi-gloss are all great options for families with young children, as imperfections can be washed away easily with soap and water.

Don’t feel limited to traditional paint options either. Chalkboard, magnetic, and dry erase paints are all wonderful accent wall options that take the cake for being parent and living room approved. In fact, you’ll want your kids to draw as much as they want on the walls coated in one of these fun and family-oriented options!

Protect Your Furniture

Kids are always jumping around on the furniture, and if they aren’t doing that, they’re either eating or drinking on them. To ensure your furniture investments are protected and maintain their like-new appearance for a long time, take advantage of couch and chair covers. These slip-covers are easy to take on and off, and they’re even washable. Use them to cover your furniture during play dates, and then whisk them off with ease before your dinner party.

Another family-friendly furniture option is leather. Both durable and comfortable, leather furniture is less likely to reveal stains, spills and other imperfections than fabric is.

Choose the Right Flooring

When you have young children, spills, dirt, allergens and crumbs can easily accumulate and make your floors look downright dirty. Make sure you install floors that are easy to maintain and clean up should your son spill his glass of orange juice everywhere. Durable, stain resistant carpeting is also a wonderful way to cover your gorgeous hardwood floors until your kids are a bit older. Plush and warm, carpeting can also protect your kids from bumps and bruises should they fall.

For families looking for fine furnishings and interior design assistance in the West Bloomfield, Michigan area, Sherwood Studios is here to help. Visit our showroom at 6231 Orchard Lake Road or give us a call at 248-855-1600 to get started on your living room upgrade!


Greet Your Guests with a Welcoming Entryway

home entrywayWhen it comes to decorating the home, most families focus their energy on rooms that see the most use (the living room, kitchen and dining room). But there is one easily forgotten space that can have the biggest impact on guests: The entryway.

The first area in your home that friends and family see when they arrive, your entryway should present a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Give guests a hint of your home’s style while also offering plenty of room (and light) for them to take of coats and shoes.

Here are just a few tips on how to imbue your entryway with hospitality and style.

Incorporate Storage

Regardless of if your children are age eight or 18, it is a given that they will drop their backpacks, coats and shoes at the door when they walk inside. Instead of looking on in frustration as all their stuff piles up, we recommend incorporating storage into your entryway. Hooks to hang coats and backpacks, a dresser to shore glove, hats and scarves, and a rack for shoes will make your space an organized and welcoming one.

Take a Seat

Give your guests a place to sit down and take of their shoes when they arrive by adding a set of chairs or a bench to your entryway. For smaller spaces, we recommend finding a bench with storage to perform double-duty in your space.

Provide Plenty of Lighting

The first area of your home that visitors step foot into, your entryway should be filled with warm lighting that welcomes them in from the outdoors. If possible, we recommend adding a couple different lighting options to your space. With a table lamp, wall scones and a hanging lantern or chandelier, you will be able to illuminate your space perfectly regardless of what time of day or night it is.

Make it Your Own

As you are choosing furnishings and decorative piece to fill your entryway, pay attention to how they match the rest of your home’s style. The first glimpse that guests get of your space, the entryway provides hints and clues to your interior design style.

With the right furnishings included, this space can be a beautiful transitionary area from the outdoors to the inside of your one-of-a-kind home.

Whether you are looking for fine furnishings to fill your entryway or an experienced interior designer to help you bring your vision to life, Sherwood Studios can help. To get started on your entryway redesign, visit our West Bloomfield, Michigan showroom or give us a call at 248-855-1600.