Four Reasons to find Space for a Home Office

Home OfficeDo you have an extra room in your home that you’re not sure not do with? If so, you should consider adding a home office to your abode. Here are four reasons why it’s a smart endeavor.

  • Convenience. Who wants to have to drive to work late at night or extra early in the morning when you can hammer out extra work right in the comfort of your own home? Rather than having to get yourself ready and appropriately dressed for work, you can simply skedaddle to your home office in comfy clothes, and finish whatever work you need to complete.
  • You’ll see an increase in productivity. Sure, at some point it’s smart to fully release yourself from the grasp of your workplace, but if a home office will help you become more productive, and the promotion, partnership or ability to run your own successful business may be closer to you than ever before.
  • Versatility. Your office can serve as more than just a place to get your work done; it can also be a place where you have a drink with a client; meet with someone that handles your personal affairs, such as your tax guy or girl; or it can simply be the place you go to unwind after a long day and collect your thoughts.
  • You can be around for the moments you’ll never get back. If you’re always stuck in the building at work, you may end up missing many special moments around your home that you’ll never be able to recoup. Whether it’s family dinners or spending time with your significant other and/or children, a home office will allow you to be around for those amazing instances.

If you’re in the West Bloomfield, MI area and are in need of home office furniture, Sherwood Studios will help you find just what you need. Stop by the store or contact them for more information.

Tips for Selecting the Right Furniture for Your Home

Furniture Shopping

First things first: if and when you’re selecting furniture for your home, get a measuring tape and check the widest, biggest entrance to see if the item(s) you want will “fit through the door.” Imagine buying a big new couch or bed only to find it won’t fit through the front door or some other big opening to get it inside, right? Hey, that happens!

When selecting furniture for your home consider how much money you are willing to spend. Do you plan to go with lesser quality furniture that won’t last long or do you want to invest in higher quality furniture that you’d hope would last your lifetime? Do you want to concentrate on one room for now, or buy furniture for multiple rooms?

What do you like? Make a mental or written list of what you’d enjoy looking at everyday. For instance, maybe you love the “Country” look with its painted woods and floral designs or you prefer the “Contemporary” look with its sharp and angular designs. Generally, you can mix and match looks and styles, but not too much. An Amish rocker next to a metallic silver chair from IKEA might be a little too eclectic for some…but to each their own, right?

You should like the look of the furniture you acquire, as well as how it feels and functions. What good is a really cool piece of furniture if no one ever feels comfortable touching it, sitting on it, or using it? Be a bit practical with what you choose. Your furniture needs to service your needs on a daily basis.

If you’re like most people, you have a general idea of what you might like and/or need when it comes to furniture for your place, but you’re not quite sure where to find it, how to get it “home” and where to actually put it once it has arrived. That’s where Sherwood Studios comes in…call 248-855-1600 or email and say, “I need interior design help; can you help me pick out furniture?”

The Benefits of Floor Coverings

Floor Coverings As the premier interior design studio in West Bloomfield with clients across Southeast Michigan, Sherwood Studios helps make rooms look and feel their best so that the people who use them enjoy them.

Floor coverings matter, even though most people don’t give them a second thought. Would you want to stub your toe on a harsh, uneven wooden floor? Probably not. But how about taking your shoes and socks off and resting your feet in plush carpeting that feels so good to the skin? Much better.

If we all lived in rooms with concrete floors, they’d be easy to clean but they wouldn’t be as comfortable and beautiful as, say, laminate wood flooring in rich colors accented by area rugs around coffee tables and couches, right?

Certain rooms call for certain floor coverings. Kitchens and bathrooms often have tiled or vinyl floor coverings since both rooms involve splashing water from either sinks or tubs. Meanwhile, fully carpeted bedrooms are the norm because people often sleep barefoot and want to wake up and put their feet down on something warm, plush and/or fuzzy if they can. Floor coverings help showcase certain spaces in home, indicating whether they’re meant to be quickly walked through or a place to stop and rest a while in comfort. They help design the look and feel of a place.

Some people put special floor coverings on their basement or garage floors to help make them look a little nicer. Indeed, floor coverings add to the overall aesthetic quality of any room. When a floor covering is particularly attractive, it will catch the eye of all those who use it.

Why not have Sherwood Studios come take a look at your place as it is now and offer advice on what could be done to make it better? Sherwood Studios can work with you to pick out (and have installed) the best floor coverings to suit your specific needs. Call 248-855-1600 to discuss your interior design thoughts today.


Five Surefire Ways to Protect Furniture From Pets

Pets and Furniture So you’ve decided to upgrade your southeast Michigan home with some new furniture or interior design work. You pay a visit to Sherwood Studios and get the rooms in your home looking better than ever. Then, the nightmare begins, as you helplessly watch your devilish pets tear everything apart.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Your home can have beautiful furniture and happy pets at the same time, despite what an inexperienced past may have told you. Take these steps to minimize the damage your cats and dogs can do.


Since any damage done to furniture is the result of a pet’s bad behavior, this is the smartest place to start. As always, it’s important to be stern and consistent, delivering a harsh verbal message to your pet when they act out. It’s also important to make sure they’re getting enough exercise. If your dog is acting out because you haven’t taken him or her for a walk in months, you have no one to blame but yourself.


While you may be able to train a pet to take it easy on your furniture, it might be a little difficult teaching them to wipe their paws after coming inside. What you can do, however, is make your own wipe-downs a part of their routine. It takes a bit of work on your part, but it’ll keep a whole lot of dirt out of your home in the first place.


Watch your pet closely. Are they retreating to the same spot every time they lie down to relax? Try disrupting these behavioral patterns by spraying scents or placing annoying objects in those areas. At the very least, rotate the cushions every once in a while to prevent wear.


Sometimes, the best way to keep pets off your furniture is by giving them some pieces of their own. Dogs and cats can both come to appreciate their own comfortable beds, and cat scratchers provide a great alternative to the sides of your sofa. Even some well-designed toys can go a long way.


Finally, covering your furniture with a protective material might not be ideal, but sometimes it’s necessary, especially when your pet is left alone at home. It can also be a temporary solution until your pet is fully and properly trained.



How Can a Great Recliner Chair Improve Your Life?

Reclining ChairsWhen it comes to living room furniture, nothing is quite like the almighty recliner chair. It provides a ridiculous amount of comfort and enough space for multiple happy cuddlers. There is no easier place to doze off at the end of a long day. But aside from simple comforts, what less obvious benefits can a recliner chair provide?

Recliner chairs offer considerable relief for those suffering from any type of mobility issues. While anyone can find extra comfort, it takes on a new level of importance when a medical condition like arthritis is involved. The ability to change positions without moving is the main feature of automatic recliners, while ankle and knee joints will be thankful for reduced pressure. Most importantly, a recliner provides comfort for longer periods of time than other furniture, which is perfect for those who can’t move around much.

Pregnant women are among the happiest of recliners. When everything seems to hurt more than it used to, lying down periodically throughout the day is a must. Recliners provide an opportunity to do so without heading to the bedroom every time. In addition, they usually provide ideal angles for those with child.

You don’t need to be pregnant or suffering from a medical condition to reap the health benefits of a recliner. These chairs also combat the “silent killer” that lies within so many of us. A great recliner can be an effective weapon against stress and all the negative effects it brings. Research has shown that stress is a serious factor that needs to be monitored and controlled, and taking some quality time to relax can go a long way.

But stress isn’t the only negative effect of a long day’s work. Those who stay on their feet all day long can end up with some serious circulation issues. Sitting back on a recliner may help to alleviate some of the build up pressure in the lower body, improving circulation and overall health.

Just because recliners in general may offer health benefits doesn’t mean that they all have equal effect. The piece at your local big box store might be cheap, but quality of materials and construction are supremely important when it comes to how well a recliner can work. Sherwood Studios can help you find the perfect chair to help your body recline, relax, and find relief.


Tips for Cleaning Fine Furniture

Fine FurnitureAs a full-scale furniture store, Sherwood Studios often gets calls from people asking for tips regarding how to clean their fine furniture. When it comes to wood furniture, it’s not so much the type of wood that matters, but, more so, the type of finish on it.

In general, finishes on furniture can be soft, hard or painted. You can polish your furniture 3 to 4 times per year using a store-bought polish appropriate for the type of finish.

Some people choose to use a vacuum with a dusting brush attachment to clean their fine furniture, while others opt for a clean, soft cloth.

If you have furniture with an oil finish, you should not use wax, mineral oil, or furniture polish on it. Instead, you’ll want to use boiled linseed oil, Tung oil, and/or distilled white vinegar.

Furniture with a lacquer finish can be cleaned with a solvent-based furniture cleaner. Some people use an oil soap. Liquid wax can be applied to maintain a glossy look. It’s always a good idea to test a cleaning product on a small, inconspicuous spot to make sure it works well and doesn’t ruin the look of the piece.

European furniture is more likely than US-made furniture to have polyurethane finishes, which can be cleaned using a moist cloth to remove fingerprints and light soil. Mineral spirits can be used to remove dirt build-up. Be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands when working with mineral spirits.

Finally, painted furniture finishes can be cleaned using a mixed solution of mild, non-abrasive detergent and warm water, followed by a rinse with clear water. With painted furniture finishes, you should not use any oil products.

Call Sherwood Studios at 248-855-1600 with any questions you have regarding the cleaning of fine furniture.

Why You Should Trust an Experienced Interior Designer With Your New Home

Buying a new home is a big investment—probably one of the biggest ones you’ll make in life. Chances are, you’ve waited for the absolutely perfect listing to come along, crossed your fingers on an offer and celebrated with jubilation when it was accepted. In Southeast Michigan and beyond, homebuyers go through this life-changing process all the time.

Still, once you’ve celebrated the purchase of a new home, the journey has only just begun. You’ll spend so much of your life inside your home, so why would you get careless when it comes time to decide what it will look like inside? Here are five big reasons to trust an experienced professional to make the decisions that could last a lifetime.

A Personal Touch

You can read all the interior design magazines and blogs you want. Without a designer who truly knows you and your family, you’re likely to end up with a cookie-cutter home that feels like a model for everyone else. The great thing about a professionally well-designed interior is that it fits perfectly with your unique lifestyle while looking absolutely fabulous at the same time.

Furniture that Fits

Think about the last time you stepped foot in a furniture store. You probably remember seeing way too many couches, shelves, tables and chairs with absolutely no clue where to start. It’s one thing to have a nice piece of furniture catch your eye, but it takes another level of expertise to understand how to put it all together. With a great interior designer, you won’t feel the need for a furniture store return for a long time.

Lighting You Can Feel

We’ve all heard about how much the lighting in a room can affect the mood of those inside. There’s actually a diagnosed mood disorder—winter seasonal affective disorder—that’s treated with increased light exposure. Don’t worry about which lights to choose from in the never-ending aisle at the hardware store. An experienced interior designer can set the mood exactly the way you want it.

The Perfect Colors

Interior designers fancy color choices as somewhat of a science. The color wheel is our artist’s palette—we know which colors work and which ones don’t. We’ve seen plenty of new homebuyers stumble into absolutely horrendous color combinations that sounded great at the time. Don’t let yourself make that mistake.

Coordination is Key

Try designing the entire interior of your home by yourself and you’ll end up with a list of contacts longer than the paperwork to buy the home itself. Who has the time to keep track of everyone involved, not to mention making sure they work effectively together. Professional interior designers have years of experience working with all sorts of contractors to make sure things run smoothly from start to finish.

If you’re looking for the best interior design studio in West Bloomfield, servicing clients across Southeast Michigan in areas such as Birmingham, Troy, and more, give Sherwood Studios a call right away.Interior Designer



Preparing Your Home for the Holiday Season Ahead

Decorate your home for fallAs Thanksgiving draws near and you begin unpacking decorations and searching for your favorite recipes, we recommend focusing some time on a few areas of the home to create a welcoming and cozy environment your guests will love to visit.

Porch and Entry Hall

As the weather grows cooler this fall, we love the idea of making your front porch a welcoming oasis for guests. Add a decorative touch with pumpkins and other Thanksgiving-themed décor and set your lights on a timer, turning on as the sun sets each evening. This way, friends and family will feel welcomed no matter what time they arrive for the holiday festivities.

Also tidy up the entrance to your home, making room for the extra coats, boots and cold weather accessories that will accompany your visitors. Clear off coat hooks, set up a shelf for shoes and add a basket for your family to place their hats, gloves and scarves in. An organized entry will make your guests feel welcome from the moment they arrive and help to keep your home clutter-free throughout the busy holiday season ahead.


Stock up on all the essentials before your loved ones come to stay for Thanksgiving and give the guest bathroom a good scrub. Since this is a room that may not see much use, now is the perfect time to restock towels and add a new bar of soap to help make your guests feel at home while they visit this November and December.

Living Room

Create an intimate atmosphere in your living room this fall by placing a warm throw blanket over the arm of the couch and adding a bit of extra light. With the sun setting earlier each day, an extra lamp and some well-placed candles can add to the cozy ambience.


To prepare for company this holiday season, freshen up guest bedrooms, swapping out the current bedding for fresh sheets and a comfy quilt for the cold weather. Place an extra blanket on the end of the bed as well, to ensure guests will be cozy throughout their stay.

Make your home come to life this holiday season with some help from Sherwood Studios. A full-scale furniture store and premier interior design studio in West Bloomfield, Michigan, we can make your house a home no matter what your decorative taste. Browse furniture options online and contact us at 248-855-1600 to set up an interior design consultation today.

Advice for Maintaining a Neat Living Room

family relaxing in living roomThe focal point of your home, the living room is used for relaxing, watching television, playing with the kids and entertaining guests on a day to day basis. In a room where so much activity occurs, clutter is inevitable. But there are ways to keep messes to a minimum. Create a neat living room with advice from Sherwood Studios, Inc.

Furniture with Storage

Tables with bi-level storage and ottomans with storage compartments are a couple great ways to keep your living room organized. Keep extra blankets and remotes in the ottoman and magazines on the lower shelves of tables to reduce the buildup of everyday clutter.

Make Space for the Items You Use Most

Whether you spend most of your time in the living room playing board games with the kids or knitting on the couch, find a place for your most-used items to keep them from cluttering the coffee table. Whether you designate an area on the bookshelf or place them inside a storage ottoman, this will make daily cleanup easier and allow you to get to your supplies quickly.


Instead of stocking your shelves with books, CDs and DVDs, consider trimming down your stacks to make room for storage bins and décor. Keep out your favorite books and those you often re-read, tucking the rest away in storage bins. Cutting down the size of your CD and DVD collection is even easier. Purchase a media binder or two instead of lining all the cases on your shelves. This additional space is the perfect place for artwork, photos and other home accessories.

Looking to update your living room furniture and décor? Contact Sherwood Studios, Inc. online or at 248-855-1600 for an interior design consultation or visit our contemporary furniture store at 6231 Orchard Lake Road in West Bloomfield, Michigan.